martes, julio 17, 2007

El Frontman de Gojira se une a los hermanos Cavalera !!!!

Guitarist/vocalist Joe Duplantier of the French progressive death metallers GOJIRA will play bass on the debut CD from the new project featuring SEPULTURA founding members Max and Igor Cavalera. Recordings for the album began this past weekend in Los Angeles with producers Dirty Icon (Logan Mader [ex-MACHINE HEAD, SOULFLY] and Lucas Banker). A late 2007 release via Roadrunner Records is expected.

Duplantier has issued the following update on the sessions: "Mention Max and Igor and I'll tell you about 'Chaos AD' or 'the rebirth of metal,' or 'Arise' or 'Troops of Doom'!!! That or something like, 'Hell yeah, man!!!' After ten years, they're finally recording an album together again and are bringing back this very special energy that makes metal music so crazy back to life.

"I just want to say that I'm amazingly happy and honored to be part of this great project. On this album with the Cavalera brothers, Marc Rizzo from SOULFLY is playing lead guitars and I'm doing bass, while producer Logan Mader is building the sound.

"I don't really have the words to express what I'm feeling right now.

"I was coming here to Los Angeles to be part of something big and impressive, a 'monument in history,' if you will. And finally, I'm just jamming and recording some spontaneous, brutal, powerful straight-up music with down-to-earth and very cool people...and I think that's the best way to record a metal album. I understand now what the word 'awesome' means..."

In a recent interview posted on SOULFLY's official web site, Max stated about his collaboration with Igor, "I think it's sounding like a combination of things I've done with NAILBOMB and SEPULTURA, and even SOULFLY, of course, but these songs are coming to be more live on the spot. I recorded some simple four-tracks for a lot of them, similar to the ones that people may have heard through the SOULFLY MySpace, and I sent out a CD to everybody about a month ago with like 10 songs, but at that time I didn't even know exactly who else I'd be working with in the project. I knew that Igor would be doing drums and percussion, and I'd be doing vocals and guitar. Now Marc Rizzo is going to be playing lead guitar and and the [guitarist] and vocalist from GOJIRA will help us out to give it a bit of a different vibe. I like GOJIRA a lot — they're a fucking kick-ass band. It's a special album for me because it's a very global group of musicians. One from France [from GOJIRA], one from the U.S., and two from Brasil. I think that's going to add something very cool, even trippy, and definitely my style."

Vale que no confío mucho en los Cavalera ahora, pero si se juntan con este puto figura...Ya tienen mi atención bien ganada.


Gojira me fliparon en el Viñarock, fueron lo mejor del festival para mí [un placer verles en su primera visita a españa, a ver cuando vuelven] y son de lo mejorcico del metal modenn'o

Declarome fan absoluto de los franceses, a ver si pillo sus discos originales, a alguna de esas camiseticas tan guapas.
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