viernes, julio 22, 2005

Mi colección de discos originales

Como la acabo de recopilar para un foro, la pongo aquí tambien.

Por géneros

Metal y derivados

Slipknot :
-Duality [Maxi]

Korn :
-Life is peachy
-Follow the leader
-Take a look in the mirror [CD+DVD]

N.d.NO :
-Se mueve
-Adam 6

Static X :
-Machine [Ed.especial.japo]
-ShadowZone [CD+DVD]
-Beneath, Between, Beyond
-Start a war [CD+DVD]

Rob Zombie :
-Hellbilly Deluxe
-The sinister urge

Rage Against The machine :
-Rage against the machine

Soulfly :
-Soulfly [Digipack 2CD]
-3 [Digipack]

Rammstein :
-Live aus berlin [2CD SP]
-Mutter [Digipack]
-Reise, Reise [Digipack]
-Du hast [Maxi]
-Stripped [Maxi]

Cradle Of Filth :
-Vempire or dark faerie tales in phallustein
-Dusk And her embrace
-Cruelty And The beast
-Midian [Digipack ed.sp]
-Bitter Suites to succubi
-Live bait for the dead

Marilyn Manson :
-Antichrist Superstar
-Mechanical Animals
-Sweet Dreams [Maxi]

Bloodhound Gang :
-Use your fingers
-Hooray for boobies
-The bad touch [Maxi]

Sueltos españoles :
-MonkeyHole - "Psychophonies from a violent party"
-TribalCirkus - "Avance 2 temas"
-T.O.W. - "Mini-cd 2 temas"
-Random I.N.D. - "Independence"
-Terroristars - "Satanistars"
-Coilbox - "13"

Sueltos extranjeros :
-American Head Charge - "The war of art"
-Clawfinger - "A whole lot of nothing"
-Papa roach - "lovehatetragedy"
-Metallica - "Kill'em All"
-Alien Ant Farm - "ANThology"
-Ill niño - "RevolutionRevolución"
-Limp Bizkit - "New old songs"
-P.O.D. - "Satellite"

Y por no hacer otra sección...
-Offspring - "Americana"
-Offspring - "Conspiracy of one"

[Hay algunos que ahora no volvería a comprar ni loco ]



Violadores del verso :
-Violadores del verso + Kase O "Mierda"
-Vicios y virtudes [digipack]
-Bomboclap [Cd del dvd "Tu eres alguien"]
-Atras [Maxi]

Rapsusklei :
-Pret a porter
-Hijos de puta para todo

-La saga continúa 24/7
-Grandes planes

Sueltos :
-La meka 55 - "...y yo feliz"
-ToteKing & Shotta - "Tu madre es una foca"
- 995-III - "Kompetición"
- RdeRumba
- Zaragoza Realidad
-Sfdk - "2005"
-Frank T - "Frankattack"
-El chojin - "solo para adultos"
-Universonoro vol.4 & vol.5


-Beastie Boys - "Hello Nasty"


Prodigy :
-The prodigy Experience
-Music for the jilted generation
-The fat of the land

FatboySlim :
-Halfway Between the gutter and the stars

Scooter :
-...and the beat goes on!
-The singles . Rough and tough and dangerous 94/98
-No time to chill
-Back to the heavyweight jam
-We bring the noise
[Se nota que fueron mi grupo favorito otrora??]

Chemical Brothers :
-Dig your own hole

Moby :

Mr.Oizo :
-Analog worms attack

-The best ibiza anthems...ever

Sonidos Jamaicanos [Reggae (Roots-Dancehall) & Ska]

Morodo :
-Cosas que contarte
-Yo me pregunto... [Maxi]

Jah'sta :
-El mensaje

Bien sobre mal reggae riddims :
-Vol. 2 (Ojos rojos / Black Rain / Al andalus)

Trojan :
-Nyahbinghi Box Set

Trapatoni Circus Band :

Bandas sonoras

-World of Warcraft
-Metal Gear Solid
-End of days
-Gone in 60 seconds
-Blade 2
-El quinto elemento
-Dumb & Dumber [2 tontos muy tontos]
-The matrix
-Full metal jacket
-Dracula 2000

Varios [Mis primeros cd's mayormente]
Los tipicos de mi generación estando en el colegio :
-Spice Girls (el primero)
-Aqua (el primero)

No doubt - "Tragic Kingdom"
Garbage - "Version 2.0"
Gala - "Come into my life"
"Generation Next Music"
Dover - "Devil Came To Me"
Dover - "Late at night"
Platero y tu - "Voy a acabar borracho"

Y mi lista de la compra a corto plazo :

-N.d.NO. - "Quatro"
-Skabeche Riber Band - "La terrible invasión del mejillón zebra"
-La discografía completa de Chimaira
-Black Sabbath Black Box
-Los 2 de Devildriver
-Los 2 de White Zombie


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Hello. Nice piece about this post. I have a music blog that I'm trying to get going myself - just looking for a little inspiration! All I seem to have done so far is declare my undying love for Radiohead, the Killers and a rather large article on Live 8. The live 8 dvd set is out today which should be fantastic. It's set to become the biggest selling DVD ever - not surprising really. Anyway, like I said, great blog and I'll be back again soon.


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